Thursday, April 14, 2011

Social Experiment – Part 2 – Your LinkedIN Profile

In our last newsletter, we talked about shifting your perspective from online to offline.

Professional services firm leaders are engaging Patricia Romboletti, Managing Director of Creative Growth Group and Creative Growth Talent, and a bona fide LinkedIN Guru, to share her custom program, “Six LinkedIN Steps to Professional Services Growth in 2011.”

Here, we provide you with a second tip from Patricia’s repository of social networking knowledge.

Your Profile – Showcasing Your Claim to Fame

Your LinkedIN profile has really become your personal Web site. It is the first place people go now to find out more about you.

I challenge you to read yours over and to answer the question---could most everyone else with my position say the same thing, or does this free and yet very valuable real estate showcase my “claim to fame” --- or to say it another way, does it tell what you are famous for?

If it doesn’t, then I urge you to schedule time each week to hone your profile until you can uniquely own it. Most important, make sure that when a client or prospect reads it, they know that you have a clear understanding of their problems/ issues/ concerns or needs and the results you can help them achieve.

And one more thing—be sure that after reading it, they conclude that you, among many other professionals, can do it better than anyone else.

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