Sunday, March 29, 2009

Make Your Prospects Famous

Online radio and podcasts provide a venue for thought leadership which breaks through the social media noise and lets you engage prospective clients in meaningful dialogue and make them famous at the same time. In this article, Internet Radio expert, Lee Kantor, provides his views on how and why online radio shows provide business development power and leverage for professionals.

Top 10 Reasons To Host Your Own Local Internet Radio Show
by Lee Kantor, Business RadioX

More and more professional services firms are adding social media to their marketing plan. Blogging is a given now for most forward thinking firms. Twitter is perfect for the Attention Deficit Disorder crowd, with its 140 character limitation per post. Regular Vlogging or Video Blogging is a little over the heads of most businesspeople. But I think the most underutilized and underappreciated of the social media is internet radio and podcasting. And, it may well have the biggest immediate impact for client development in professional services.

Here are my Top 10 reasons to add internet radio and podcasting to your social media marketing mix.
1. Target Your Best Prospects – By creating a show about your clients (instead of yourself) you build a network of your best prospects with you at the center.
2. Increase Credibility – Having the credential of radio show host gives you added cache and stature among your peers. You are now the media.
3. Gain Local, National & International Exposure – By interviewing local and non-local guests you will build a following from around the world.
4. Distinguish Yourself from Your Competition – How many of your competitors have a radio show that spotlights their industry?
5. Instantly Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Field – When you interview leaders in your field you become part of the conversation. You gain credibility through association.
6. Create Business Relationships with Leading Authorities – It is much easier to get to know the movers and shakers in your industry once they’ve been on your show. After an interview you will not have a problem getting them to return your phone call. You’ve just helped add to their fame and visibility.
7. Increase Website Traffic and Improve Search Engine Optimization – Regularly creating fresh, relevant content about your professional practice and industry is exactly what Google loves to see and usually rewards by moving you up the search engine rankings.
8. Capture Additional Revenue Streams through Sponsorship and Advertising – As your show grows it isn’t unusual to attract complementary businesses that want to reach your audience.
9. Repurpose Audio Content for Other Marketing Efforts – By strategically creating the format of your show you can create content that can be used in white papers, ebooks, articles and information products.
10. Fun and Easy – There is not an easier or more enjoyable way to market. Instead of getting to know your prospect over dinner - you will meet them in the studio and chat with them face to face. You’ll broadcast and record that conversation and post it on the internet.

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