Wednesday, February 4, 2009


What do you do when your best Rainmakers leave your firm? In a recent article in Legal Times titled “Flight of the Rainmakers” journalist Dan Binstock says, “Given that "fear and uncertainty" sum up the sentiment of many law firms (note: this is the sentiment at a majority of firms across all professional fields – not just law), and that many are bracing for a less stable year, major revenue-generating partners may well launch their own flight to quality this year.” That is, they are more likely to leave in pursuit of what they perceive to be a more robust marketing platform. Because once a person decides to exit a firm it is exceptionally hard and expensive to change their mind, the real question isn’t “how do we stop the flight of the rainmakers,” it is instead, “how do we make sure those who stay are positive and fully equipped to sell?” Instead of simply relying on the instincts of one or two revenue generating super heroes to save the firm, now is the time to ensure that all members of the firm market consistently, persistently and systematically.

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