Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Economic Crisis - Threat or Opportunity for Professional Services Firms?

by Paul Gladen, President, Muzeview

• How are your clients and your firm being impacted by the economic crisis?
• Is your firm positioned to capitalize on the opportunities that the current economic and financial markets turmoil has created for professional services firms?
• Do you know what your competitors and other leading professional services firms are doing to respond to the economic crisis?
• Are you under pressure to cut marketing or are you looking to refocus your marketing investments?
• In a marketplace characterized by uncertainty and lack of reliable information how are you making decisions about where and how to serve your clients and differentiate from your competition?
A new research report from Muzeview, provides insights that can help you answers these questions. "The Economic Crisis - Threat or Opportunity for Professional Services Firms?" report provides an analysis of the marketing communications and thought leadership outputs of 120 leading law, accounting and consulting firms since September 1, 2008. The report also details a nine-step process that professional services firms should follow to ensure they minimize the downside threat and capitalize on opportunities to help clients.

The report includes the following analysis and charts:
• Summary of the key hot topics
• Identification of eight emerging opportunity areas
• Identification of the top firms by output
• Analysis of marketing outputs by firm type
• Analysis of marketing outputs by industry
• Analysis of marketing outputs by format (e.g. articles, briefing papers, speaking engagements)
• Analysis of the focus areas for the top twelve firms
• Identification of the top professionals featured in economic crisis outputs
• Marketing output levels by week
• The top ten business topics related to the economic crisis
• Listing of the nearly 500 marketing outputs produced by the monitored firms in between September 1 and October 10, 2008

Key findings from the report include:
• Firm outputs increased eight-fold from the first week of September to the second week of October.
• Law firms were dominant, accounting for nearly 50% of the output.
• PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mayer Brown, Deloitte and Clifford Chance were the most prolific producers of economic crisis-related material.
• While financial services was the industry most frequently addressed, accounting for 49% of outputs, firms are beginning to explore the implications of frozen credit and recessionary outlook for other industries.
• Numerous advisory opportunities are being created by the economic crisis and the government's response in areas such as regulation, litigation, strategy, M&A and workforce issues.

Benefits of this Report to your Firm

1. Identify Market Opportunities:
• To focus on new or growing revenue streams.
• To respond to market and competitor action that could threaten existing revenue streams.
• To differentiate the marketing of your firm's capabilities from competitors, thus increasing your lead generation and lead conversion rates (and potentially enabling premium pricing).

2. Focus Marketing and Practice Development Spending:
• On areas that have increased revenue potential.
• On activities that can differentiate you from competitors.
• On activities that address clients' real issues and needs.

To Purchase the Report:
The report is priced at $995.00. The report can also be purchased with ongoing monthly updates for an additional $250.00 per month. Creative Growth Group clients and contacts can receive a 15% discount on the report price and updates. Simply mention that you are a Creative Growth Group client when ordering.
If you are interested in purchasing the report or would like to learn more please contact Paul Gladen at 212-665-0797 or via e-mail:

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