Monday, April 21, 2008


Professional service marketers rejoice! The recession has been officially declared…which usually means that it is almost over (unless you’re in the mortgage business in which case all bets are off). It also means that you finally have license to stop squandering your client development time and money and redouble your focus on the most important relationships and revenue streams.

”In times like these, professionals have the choice,” says Phil Rubin, CEO of rDialogue ( – a leading loyalty and relationship marketing consultancy, “between paralytic fear and doing something proactive to be, as Jim Valvano said, “In a position to win.” These are the times that it would be nice to have a stash of the old FedEx pins that said “Don’t Panic.”

Successfully marketing through an economic downturn requires adherence to the five key disciplines which, frankly, reflect our best practices in good times also. Hint: competing on price is not one of the answers.

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